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EOS Rebel T3 Where to find the serial number


I need to download the EOS Utilities and a couple others. I had them on my computer but I had to reset Widows 10. Now that software is gone. The problem is that I must enter my camera's serial number. Well I cannot read that serial number, which is on the bottom of the camera, and it is almost all worn off. I am not sure why Canon would put it there of all places, but there it is.

Is there another spot on my camera where the serial number is? A place where it would not get worn off?

Thanks for any help.


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Download exiftool program and install on your computer. Drag a photo file to the exiftool icon and it will open and give you information on the photo. One line has the camera serial number. 


FWIW, whenever I get a new item, I copy the S/N on the front of the owner's manual. Saves eyestrain trying to see the tiny numbers and letters.

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You can use Canon's DPP as well.  Just right click on an image and select "info".  




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I cannot do that. As I said before, when I reset Windows all my software was wiped away. I cannot download DPP because the first thing they ask for is the serial number. I do not understand why I cannot get any help from Canon. Why do they make it so difficult to get? If Canon makes it this hard to get help, perhaps I am ready for another brand.

You're welcome to give support a call for one-on-one help. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET), and Saturday from 9am to 8pm (ET), excluding holidays. 

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If you download exiftool program at the link I provided, it will provide you with the serial number of your camera. Just copy the executable to your desktop and drag one of your photo files taken with your camera to the icon. It will open a window with all the data of your photo, including the serial number. It is very easy to do. 

Copy what executable?


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Download the file at the link below: 

Unzip the file and you will find exiftool(-k).exe Put this file on your desktop and drag one of your photos to the icon. It will open a window after a slight delay which shows much info, including the serial number of the camera. You will have to scroll to see all the info.


Ok, I finally figured it out. What a pain in the butt. If Canon didn't put the serial number in a place where it was certain to get rubbed off, I would not have gone through all of that. Thank you to the rest of you for your help.

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