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EOS Rebel T2i View Finder Dark and Blurry


My camera sat for a while unused and was working great before hand. Currently the viewfinder is dark and blurry, I can see the green numbers etc, the diopter is focused it is not the problem, the mirror is clean, the focusing glass is in place and clean. It takes sharp photos I just can’t see what I’m taking photos of unless I use the live view mode. Any ideas on how to fix this? 

Also- not taking it to a repair shop as it would not be worth it. 

Canon Rebel T2i 



Hello dsnowsha welcome to the forums. Are you 100% sure the focusing screen is correctly installed and in place. The only thing that could cause a dark viewfinder would be jammed aperture blades in the lens. What lens are you currently using. You can remove the lens cap and the full name of the lens will be on the outer ring. I suggest trying a different lens to see if the dark viewfinder goes away.


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Does sound like the lens. Remove the lens and look through the eyepiece. It will look like you are looking through wax paper, but Is it bright? 

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If the camera can take sharp photos, do you hear the mirror slapping noises?  

If you can see images in Live View, but not in the OVF, then it sounds like the mirror could be stuck in the raised position.

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