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EOS Rebel T100 Shutter Count


Can someone tell me if there is a way to get the current shutter count on my Cannon Rebel T100 (4000D). I have tried some apps and none seem to work with the T100. Thanks!




Visit camerashuttercount dot com

Take a photo with the camera and upload it to the site.  The image must contaain EXIF data.  If your camera model is supported, you'll get the count.

"EOS Info" is a windows app, might also work. 

Or, send the camera to Canon 📷


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Most of the apps do not work.  Some work by altering the camera firmware, which is not a good thing.  The best method is to send the camera body to Canon for a cleaning, and ask for a count.

I have sold a couple of used bodies, and have found shutter count to have dubious value.  It is a can of worms that is best left closed, IMHO.  Here’s why.  It starts a series of questions that do not have good answers.

Once you tell someone that count the next questions are: “how did you get it”, “when was it taken”, “do you have it in writing”.  The worst question of them all is “how many shots have been taken since the count was recorded.”  

If someone asks me for a shutter count on a used camera, I raise the price.  I tell them that the increase is to cover the cost of sending it to Canon, which is the truth.  If that is unacceptable to them, too bad.  If you want a documented shutter count, then you have to pay for it.  I’m not.

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"Most of the apps do not work."


Only half of the problem. Even if they seem to work they may or may not be accurate. This makes the result meaningless. Next problem is how many clicks are photos and how many are videos.  Big difference there!


" It is a can of worms that is best left closed, IMHO."  Mine too! But if you must, ask Canon service.

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“Next problem is how many clicks are photos and how many are videos.  Big difference there!”

This is exactly why cinema cameras include a total runtime meter.  Recording video means the shutter is firing up to 60 times per second, for most camera DSLRs.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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