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EOS Rebel SL3 Built-In Flash Isn't Firing Properly


Hello. I've had this canon eos rebel sl3 for a few months now but recently the flash hasn't been functioning properly. Whenever I try and take a photo with the flash, it either doesn't fire or it will fire at the wrong time so the photo still ends up dark. This occurs whether I'm taking one photo or a burst. Please help 😆


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello gotouar,

The flash on this model will only fire if the camera determines that it needs the extra light when shooting in the Basic modes (Auto, SCN, or Creative filters). In order to force the flash to fire when you want, set the camera to one of the Creative modes (P, Tv, Av, or M) and raise the flash. 


Thank you for the reply. The issue isn't getting the flash to fire, it's getting it to fire at the right time. Even in one of the creative modes, when I take a picture the flash will go off, but the photo will look as if it hadn't fired at all. It's as if the flash is going off milliseconds too early/too late.

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