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EOS RP is not turning on


This is a new camera at work so I'm used to a Rebel T2i and EOS Utility 2. I have a battery adapter so it can be plugged into a normal power outlet. I also used a USB-C to connect the camera to my PC. The lens is a Canon #85 lens. Updated EOS Utility to the newest one suggested on the Canon website for the EOS RP under the Software and Drivers section.

At first, I was only having connection problems so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling EOS Utility, swapped out USB cables and ports, changed the lens to a different Canon lens and also cleaned the connections, restarted the computer. And now the camera isn't turning on at all. I'm worried that the USB-C charging is clashing with the battery adapter that I have. I just want USB for connection and not charging... So I took that adapter out and put in the Canon battery with the USB-C. I read that there should be an LED lit somewhere since the battery will charge when the camera is turned off. I made sure it was off but no LED. So I have the battery charging on the normal charger for a while and then popped that in with no USB and nothing. So I charged the normal battery for longer, installed it when camera was off, no USB plugged in, and turned the camera on. Nothing. Can't see anything on the screen or through the view finder.

I'm at a loss of what to try or what I did wrong. I'll repeat any steps as suggested by people in whatever exact order or anything. I'm okay with starting at ground 0 to set this thing up.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello A_Linden,

We do want to make sure that you are using a genuine Canon LP-E17 battery pack in the camera and the Canon LC-E17 battery charger to charge it. In order to charge the battery via USB, you want to use the Canon USB Power Adapter PD-E1. You are correct in that the access lamp on the back of the camera should be lit green when charging has begun. The camera should be off as you mentioned as well. I would suggest removing everything from the camera including the battery, memory card, and lens. Try the camera with a fully charged LP-E17 battery pack only. No lens, card, or anything on the hotshoe and nothing connected to the USB port. Make sure that all compartments are closed securely. If the camera does not power up with just the battery, then it may need to be serviced. If the camera does power up this way, then add one component back at a time to try to narrow down where the issue is coming from.