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Canon 77D randomly stops working


Hello - 

I have been using my EOS 77D mostly for sports for the last three years. The camera began to stop functioning while taking pictures. I have read about cleaning the contacts on both body and lens and keeping a fully charged battery but that does not resolve the problem permanently. During a shooting session, I have to remove the battery and re-insert it. That usually helps, for a short while. Also, when I remove the battery without turning the camera off first, the LCD screen still stays lit. I have only gotten two error messages in the three years and I do not remember the error code. I recall it being something related to "not reading the lens". 
Does anyone have suggestions as to what is causing this issue and how to resolve it? 



Are you using a genuine Canon or a third-party battery or battery grip? Do you use a full-size SD card or a micro SD card with an adapter? Have you formatted the SD card recently, in the camera? Have you tried using a different battery, SD card or lens on the camera? Have you done a full reset on the camera?

Yes genuine Canon batteries and lenses. Full size SD.

I need to try a format from the camera and a full reset. How is a full reset done?

Check page 156 of your user's manual, or click the following link to download a copy from the Canon website.