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EOS RP - HDMI Output Not Working


Hi --


I have an EOS RP that I bought a little over a year ago and to be honest I have been totally disappointed with this camera.


I had an issue with the batteries draining overnight when left in the camera. I sent the camera in for repair and the problem was fixed but only for a short period before it started happening again so now I take the battery out when I done using the camera.


The problem I have now is related to the HDMI output which isn't working reliably. I have tried multple cables and my external monitor usually indicates there is no input. I have also tested the cables with the camera and multiple monitors / TVs and tested the cables with other HDMI output sources and my collection of monitors and they all work when the camera is not the source.


Is there a setting I need to check / change? Or a firmware upgrade? I am very close to selling the camera and switching brands; in fact i might just sell the camera and my lenses and start fresh with a video camera setup because I primarily use the RP for video production.







Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Rich,


Thanks for checking in with us.


It does sound like you've had a frustrating experience with the camera so far, so I can understand your disappointment.


You do have a six-month warranty on the repair work. If you are past that period, you may wish to do tests with different batteries. Over time, batteries will lose their ability to sustain a charge. Note too that enabling Wi-Fi or GPS (with the optional GP-E2) can drain the battery even when the camera is not on.


In regards to the HDMI output, there are a couple of settings that you can check. The first one is HDMI INFO DISP, which is found in the menu's fourth camera setting. Try doing tests with CLEAN 4K OUTPUT and CLEAN FHD OUTPUT to see if either option makes a difference.


Another setting to check would be HDMI RESOLUTION, and you can try either AUTO or 1080p. For HDMI HDR OUTPUT, I would recommend turning it off.


If problems persist, I suggest that you email us at with details about your camera, your date of purchase, and the state from where you are sending the camera, and we'll walk you through the repair process.


You seem to have two issues, which could be independent of each other.


I do not believe you can connect to the HDMI and USB ports concurrently.   If you are, then this might explain why you are not getting output on the HDMI port.  I assume you have tried a different cable..


Battery problems can be caused by a variety of reasons.  Bad chargers, bad batteries, or even bad camera settings.  If your camera is set to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, make sure you turn the camera OFF when you are not using it.  Do not rely on the camera going to sleep, as wireless devices can still wake up the camera, which can run down the battery.



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