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EOS R7 How to Turn Off Back Button Focus


Hi, I'm a beginner with mirrorless and Canon and I cannot figure out how to turn off the back-button focus. I have watched a bunch of videos and can't figure it out. If someone could walk me through step-by-step how to turn it off I'd appreciate it. Thanks.



In the orange menu under 3 select customize buttons. Scroll to the AF-ON button and go to the last selection and choose OFF.


This is not actually specific to Mirrorless cameras. If this setting has been pre-configured, it may well be that there are other customizations. Consequently, I would recommend doing a  factory reset to clear settlings to default. You will find this invthe wrench menu. Check your manual for this if you don' t find it.

cheers, TREVOR

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Go to this menu screen.  Choose the selection at the bottom.  “Clear Customized Settings”


If you select “Clear Customized Settings”, then all customized buttons and dials are cleared out.  If you select the highlighted item, then you can reset or customize individual buttons.

“AF START” needs to be added back to the Shutter Button.


This is part where it is simpler to choose the first option, and reset everything.  The R7 allows you to set more than one button for BBF.  The most commonly used button is highlighted below.


"The right mouse button is your friend."

You might find this video helpful.  It is targeted for beginners using the R7.  He covers button customization beginning at the 1:10:00 mark.  There are shortcuts to each topic in the description of the video.

Canon R7 Training Overview Setup - Made For Begineners 

Please note, this video does not teach you anything about photography.  Just as your car owner manual does not teach you about the “rules of the road,” camera user manuals teach you nothing about the basics of photography.

"The right mouse button is your friend."