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EOS R6 Solid White Images


I’ve been having my R6 for a while now and today while taking multiple shots back to back (not in burst mode) while reviewing my images I noticed 1-3 pictures out of maybe 30 that came out literally just white they weren’t even over exposed they where literally just blank, does anyone know what could have caused this? Since it’s a dual card I figured maybe it’s one of the card but I checked both and they both have the same image so idk if maybe it’s the camera or something but just trying to figure out if there’s anyone who had/has the same issue…let me know please.



Please start by answering these questions.  

Brand, model and type of cards?

Were they formatted in the camera prior to use?

Test each individually.  Does the same behavior occur?

Bay Area - CA

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Canon R6, both cards are sandisk one is the extreme pro 64GB and second is the ultra plus 64GB they both get the same blank image and one thing I noticed is that it does it when I’m at 8000 shutter speed…I did the same test at 6400 shutter speed and so far nothing, everything seems to work fine and I’m in mechanical shutter as well…and it only happens when I’m do “single shot” and blast my finger away but work fine when I do it high “speed continuous+”