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EOS R6 Shutter problem ?


I just got my refurbished R6 in the mail yesterday and while taking some test shots of low light settings I noticed a lot of black banding across my photos. These photos were taken with multiple light sources, and NO flash.

The banding is consistent with the camera orientation. So when i hold my camera in landscape the black banding is horizontal, when I turn it to portrait the banding is vertical. Does this look like a shutter issue I should RMA for?



R6 body (canon online store)

Canon EF>RF adapter with control ring

EF 85mm L ii lens



"... while taking some test shots of low light settings  ..."


And, while shooting in daylight is it OK? 

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What type of lighting? Perhaps it is a flicker issue?

John Hoffman
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Need to research.  I thought I read something about this somewhere.  Might be mistaken though.  

Can happen in video...  still looking for confirmation in stills:

Canon R6 Sensor Banding? - Canon Community

***Ernie's suggestion of a settings reset is where I would start. 

Your issue does not look like banding.  Flicker as John mentions seems more likely.  Your issues looks like downright shadows, so I would test in daylight.  If you are using electronic shutter, change to mechanical.  

Other test scenarios:

Shoot in RAW,  Daylight.  Set ISO to 100 and test.  Do you see banding or shadows?

Now change ISO to 200 and perform the same test.  Is banding/shadow still present?

Don't worry if there is an issue.  Canon will make it right.  I've bought plenty of refurb gear and all has been well.  

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Try turning on Anti-Flicker shooting in the menu. It does look like flicker caused by fluorescent or LED lighting. Anti-Flicker setting should help if this is the issue.