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EOS R6 Mark II FEL or flash exposure locks for only one shot


FEL on R6 MkII holds value only for one shot! How's that "locking", exactly?

I believe it's like that on all other EOS cameras... 

Second, FEL cannot be canceled! Really? 

Am I missing something, or it's really crippled like that? 

Sorry, I switched camp from Nikon... I'm really disappointed with some details. 



Are you holding down the <*> button as you take the additional shots?  That is required of AE lock.  While I don't see that explicitly mentioned in the section for FE lock (starting on page 212 of the User Manual), I believe you'd need to do the same.

In terms of canceling, the User Manual states that you'd press <*> again to cancel AE lock.   Though I don't see a mention regarding FE lock.  I imagine pressing <*> again would though?


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Thank you very much for the answer!

I took my time to try all of that, plus all what I tried before (following the user manual and usual photographic skills). No luck.

I've put FEL to * button, to be able to hold it while pressing the shutter, no luck, still cancels it after first photo.

If I press the FEL while FE is already L, it just makes new FEL - no way to cancel it - terrible!

There is AE (hold) option!!! But no FEL (hold)! Oh, why??? 😭

Also, there is some strange AEL/FEL which holds the AE, but cancels the FE after first shot also! 😱 Insane... 

Canon should really sort this out, it's so basic, it's one line if the code at worst... 

I shoot mainly corporate events, and there are people sensitive to Pre flashes who keep blinking, FEL is the only solution! 

Resourceful as I am, I must say, I found a working solution, but it's not operational as a proper thing. I set that in burst mode flash value is measured only on the first shot, and I keep the low burst speed, so I don't strobe the clients + easily control how many shots I want (usually 2-3)... Even my Godox v860iii has an Ace up its sleave - it keeps last ETTL value when switched to M mode, but it doesn't give the exactly same exposure (so not truly reliable), but it's all so cumbersome... 

Really, I am stunned by this flaw... Let alone that flash auto ISO tops at 6400... Another big one, but I guess it would be too much to ask for two solutions at once! Would it? 

Forgot to ask earlier what mode you have the camera in.  Perhaps depending upon that, FEL may work differently? Not sure.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

It's in A mode, always. 


What shooting mode are you using?

What make and model of strobe are you using?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Av mode, always. 

Strobe is Godox V860III but it has nothing to do with it... I've read entire three LINES in user manual of the camera dedicated to FEL, it is simply unbelievable that Canon just doesn't care about essential features...

Forgot to ask.  What is your AF mode?  One Shot or Servo AF?

Strobe aside for moment.  One Shot can lock both focus metering and focus with a half press of the shutter.  A subsequent half-press of the shutter will refocus and lock a new focus setting and exposure.

Servo AF is dynamic.  A half press on the Shutter starts focus tracking and exposure tracking.  The camera locks focus and exposure when the shutter is actually fired.  Either focus or exposure can be locked prior to YOU firing the shutter by pressing one AEL, Automatic Exposure Lock.

Removing your finger from the half-press of the shutter.  Turns off the metering and AF systems.  A new half press of the shutter button restarts everything all over.


BTW, I really do not understand your issue or complaint.  If you are using “Av mode always”, then the shutter speed exposure setting is reset and recalculated every time you half press the shutter to engage the metering system.  My Nikon D3 behaves that way.  

Every camera ever built works this way.  That is the whole point of the constant aperture shooting mode.  It recalculates a new exposure on every shot.  The shutter speed exposure setting calculated by the camera is not retained from one shot to the next.  That is the whole point.

If you wish to retain exposure settings from one shot to the next, then I suggest that you use Manual shooting mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I use both interchangeably... One of the reasons I jumped ship was that array of buttons on the right thumb, so I can switch faster between single and continuous AF.

I've set metering to sleep after 4 seconds.

AF can be always on, very interesting on R6II (while metering is on)... but I don't use it.

For the second part of your post... I'm a photographer for 20 years, been Canon, than Nikon, now Canon again... Fully aware of everything. 

Shutter speed is constantly recalculated as long as camera meters are on, keeping the button or not (I don't use lock AE on shutter half press).

It all has nothing to do with my inquiry...

Since you have Nikon - try it: do FEL and make a shot, then recompose (take a finger off of the shutter), make another shot! FEL is not cancelled untill meters turn off (depending on settings) and you can cancel FEL by pressing the same button again, logical... But no such a thing on a Canon... Or is it? Am I missing these basic functionality somehow? 

I've tried everytnig... It's logical that FEL works differently, as I see from canon users' responses, but it doesn't.

So, where is the best place to argue about new firmware versions, does Canon ever listens? 

Happy new year to everyone!