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EOS R6 II Focus Confirmation


Does the EOS R6 II have focus confirmation when using manual focus? 



Hello, and welcome to the forum!

If you're thinking of like what a focus point(s) does, no, because the system doesn't know what you want in focus. But what it does have are a couple of features to aid you. One is "Focus peaking" and will highlight areas in focus with a red, green, or yellow halo. The other is "Focus guide" and is kind of neat and works like the old range finders where two pointers come together on your subject. You have a small focus point in center with three narrow chevrons, one on the right, left and top of the focus box. As you turn the manual focus ring the right and left chevrons move towards or away from the top chevron then when all three chevrons merge at the top, focus is achieved and they all turn from white to green. Although these are manual focus settings, they are found in the AF 5 menu (purple) and shown on page 458 of the advanced users guide. More handy manual focus features are "Electronic full-time MF" and "Lens electronic MF" settings and you will have to have at least Electronic full-time MF enabled if you want to use MF override (use MF even if AF is enabled). Study and play with these, they are in the AF 6 set of options.

I hope this helps and isn't TMI for a simple question 🙂


Thank you. I’ll try those

Great answer, but I thought I'd mention that the focus guide location can be moved just like a single AF point, it doesn't have to be at the centre of the frame.

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I just tried the focus guide. Works just fine now I can use all my Zeiss lenses!$

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