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EOS R50 Wi-Fi connection not working


I just got a new R50 and am putting it through its paces. I'm trying to make a WiFi connection to my laptop from the Camera, and it does not seem to work. The camera goes through the pairing process and I can select the camera from eos utility, but after I select the camera.  Eos utility 3 launches and all the options are grayed out. I tried it through my router and using the camera in access point mode. It works fine with a USB connection and to the Camera Connect App on Android. And Im able to ping the cameras IP address. So I don't think its a hardware problem with the camera.

Camera: R50

Laptop: MacBook Air MacOS 14.5

EOS Utility: 3.18


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings digitalmikeoz78,

Please check to make sure that there are no other applications that are attempting to communicate with your camera after the EOS Utility launcher connects to the camera via Wi-Fi. The EOS Utility 3 application will have the options grayed out if there is a different program that is connecting to the camera, like the EOS Webcam Utility, or Apple photo applications like Image Capture.

Please also check and disable any VPN settings and applications that may be running on the computer prior to connecting the computer to the camera via Wi-Fi. To isolate the issue, you may test to see if the EOS Utility 3 software is able to communicate with the camera on a different computer. This would help to determine if there is something on the primary computer that is causing this issue.

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