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EOS R50 4K 30p HDR Videos Not being able download to my phone


I just bought my EOS R50 on Sunday and I wanted to use it for film making and I tried to download my videos after the app said I couldn’t download it because it was HDR and I want to see if there is a solution. Extra information I have a iPhone 14 Pro Max and the camera is up to date with its update 



I don't have the EOS R50, but do have the very similar EOS R10 and an iPhone with the latest iOS and latest Canon camera connect app. I set the camera to 4K 30p and HDR enabled the shot a test clip.

I connected the camera to the app, but when I tried to download the movie it failed and the info said it was because it was HDR. I then switched off the HDR and shot a second clip. This transfers just fine.

My solution to get the HDR file in to the iPhone was to use an SD card reader that plugs in to the iPhone Lightning connector. With the SD card in the card reader I can use the standard Apple Photos app to import the HDR movie in to the camera roll on the phone. 

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author