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EOS R5 metering vs focus

In eye tracking mode, the R5 will maintain focus as the eye moves around the entire frame, but meters on the center of the frame.
In zone focus, using servo and BBF, the R5 will capture focus on a moving object anywhere in the frame, but forces metering on the center of the frame.
This needs to be fixed.  The camera should meter on the focus point.


It's not "broken". It's a Canon design decision. Linked spot metering is a feature on the 1D X series cameras. It isn't even available on the R3 from what I can see in the manual (I don't own one). 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic

This is a function of software design.  The word "broken" may be too strong, so I will submit that it is "illogical". The camera does a great job of catching focus for eyes, heads, bodies, and cars anywhere in the frame and then forces metering in the center. That is irrational.
My GPS will give me a route to any address. But if it insisted that the starting point is always my home address, I would be very dissatisfied.
I photograph wildlife in motion - birds and animals. For metering, I have to use full manual, and make a best guess on metering.
Fix the software guys!


 A 3.8k camera should include this feature.  Pure corporate laziness that it is not an R5 feature.  So much for rivaling the Nikon D850.