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EOS R5 Shoot menu 2 ISO range issue


Canon R5 Shoot menu 2 ISO Speed Range When Set Manually is not working when switching R5 on. I limited the manual range to 100 as to exclude auto iso, however when I switch the R5 on and turn my custom wheel for ISO to minimum, it goes to auto iso, even though it is limited. If you switch the R5 on and first touch the shutter release button then turn the custom wheel it limits it correctly as set in the shoot menu 2. Is this a bug?


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I don't have an EOS R5, so I may be wrong, but I think that during the metering time period (touching the shutter button), the ISO is limited as you set up. When not in the metering time period, you are in the ISO setting mode and can change it back to auto.

Thanks. Will investigate but sounds like expected behavior vs a bug. I wish you could disable auto iso across all shooting modes.   

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From the manual (looks like the last paragraph might be helpful):



In addition to what 5DIV suggested, I would point out that there are multiple settings that limit the ISO under different circumstances.  Make sure you are adjusting the proper setting for shooting scenario.


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I have the R5 and just tried to duplicate this behavior and can confirm that that is the way it works. Not sure if it's a bug, but it does seem odd, particularly after excluding "auto" from the range.

TBH, I've been using the R5 for about two years and never noticed it. I have an ISO range that I shoot and it always is where I left it when I turned the camera off. Since I rarely go below ISO 200, I've just never seen it go all the way to AUTO, LOL!


EOS R5, R6, R6II, RF 15-35 f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.2L, 85mm f/1.2L, 100mm f/2.8L Macro, 100-400mm, 100-500mm L, 1.4X

Thank you for confirming. Based on some other resources it appears to be a “feature” not a bug. It makes no sense to me that the restriction is not permanent. Based on my testing, if you switch the R5 on and turn the wheel for the lowest ISO it will go past the minimum setting, all the way to auto. If you press the focus button 1/2 way and then set the minimum ISO it will not go below the set limit. If you press the Mode button or Q button twice it will reset and go past the minimum.