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EOS R5 LCD screen focus adjustment for blurry vision


Is there anyway to adjust the focus on the display screen when taking photos? I wear contacts to see far away and usually look thru the viewfinder on my old canon 5d. I just upgraded to R5 and want to look at the back display screen, But now that I’m 42 I can’t see close up when wearing contacts. I noticed the display screen on back of camera is a little blurry to my eyes. Anyway to adjust that focus for my vision?

I know on the viewfinder you can adjust focus but I’m asking about the display screen. Thank you!! 


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No, that is not possible to adjust focus on the viewing screen, only the viewfinder has this option.


Bob is certainly right about LCD focus adjustment.  Its not possible. I think you can magnify the LCD.  For the menus and possibly Live View. I don't wear glasses when I shoot.  I'm fortunate my uncorrected vision still goes between near and far without difficulty.  I like glasses for computer work.  Helps with eye strain.  For Live View, you might try a no line bifocal. 👓 

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On my cameras, I have the viewfinder dioptric adjustment set so I can see clearly without glasses, and I use reading glasses to view the screen.


I configured the viewfinder to show me nearly everything since I would need to put on reading glasses to see the fold out screen. I only use the fold out screen if I am using a tripod. I sometimes press the info button to take the histogram off of the viewfinder or put it back on. I have customized the viewfinder information. Keeping the fold out screen closed also saves battery. I also change menu settings while looking at the viewfinder.


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