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EOS R5 How to Configure Dual Memory Slots


I've just received my Canon R5 and cannot figure out how to configure the CFexpress card to store Raw and the SD card for JPG's? It keeps storing them together and I can't understand the printed manual or the expanded PDF manual?


I have a 128Gb CFexpress B card and a 64Gb SD card. I would like the RAWs on the CFexpress card and the JPG's on the SD card. A step by step would be nice!



The reset did the trick.  Now we are seeing both cards and saving pictures and video is different settings to each.  FYI  Had to set that setting first in the yellow menu and then go back to the image quality and set separate Raw to card 1 and JPEG to card 2.

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If you cannot understand the printed User Manual, then you should contact Canon Support at 1-800-OK-CANON so that they can walk you through it.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

  1. With cards in both slots.
  2. SETUP Menu 1 (yellow tab1)
  3. "Record func+card/folder sel." (top row)
  4. STILL PHOTO "Rec options" (second row down); TOP ROW STILL/VIDEO separate must be DISABLED
  5. "Rec separately"
  6. SHOOT Menu 1 (red tab1)
  7. Specify RAW for card 1 and JPEG for card 2.

Thanks PLee. Exact;y what i needed. I am coming from a 5dIV and theyonly have one slot, but using 1 as prime and 2 as backup is comforting.

Have used exactly configuration (RAWs to CFexpress & JPEGs to SD)  for 5 months on two R5s with absolutly no issues.


FYI, If you don't already have a CFexpress reader, in my experience the Rocketek RT-CR316 US works supurbly, at least connected to a current iMac.  It's astoundnly fast on a USB-C bus using Sandisk cards and runs quite cool.


I note that it can also be set to record Raw and Video on card 1 and JPEG and Mp4 on card 2 but it is always grayed out on my camera.  How is this set and does it do high quality Raw and Video on card 1 and Jpeg and video on 2 if set right?  I find using my Ipad on shoots and using the SD card to look at what I have is very helpful but cannot figure out how to get it to do both.


Thanks RFM

In order to configure the cards, you must first set the "Record func+card/folder selection" options:


Selecting "Rec. separate" will allow storing sill images at specific image quality settings separately to each card as well as video options.  Don't use "auto switch" .  Also setting this to "multiple" will force both cards to always record at the same quality setting ONLY.


Please see pages 729 to 735  of the R5 Advanced Manual (V2) for the complete configuration procedure (too long to detail here).  If you continue reading this section, you can also learn how to set up separate storage folders and how to control file numbering options.


Hope this helps you get pointed in the right direction.



Thanks, I will give it a try.  I have not found the manual to be clear and very helpful on this issue but will see.

@RFM wrote:

Thanks, I will give it a try.  I have not found the manual to be clear and very helpful on this issue but will see.

No arguments there.  Canon Manuals tend to be rather opaque and convoluted.


I find it's somewhat easier to find the info one is trying acquire (in a Canon manual) if you don't touch the printed version, but instead download the pdf.  You can read it on a monitor at a reasonable page & font size and also use searches (in Acrobat or Apple Preview) to find related info and to then follow the section to section "coded treasure map hunt" that Canon seems to require to find specific info.


P.S. If you think the R5 manual is difficult to use, just try the one for the RP.  A lot of important detail info about that camera is simply not included or buried in the last place you would think to look for it.

I give Canon's manuals a C+ grade at best, but at least they are fairly consistant from model to model.  Sony, however is lucky to get a F for their seemingly random organization of feature control  placement.



Took your advice and also discovered there was another Firmware update to 1.4 and a whole passel of new software and manual updates so did those as well.  No matter what though, I am still confounded by why the h1 RAW 2 MP4 is grayed out under video record options in the record func+card/folder set menu.  No matter what I do I am not able to use that setting.  I can find nothing in the manual that tells why.  So, i have to stay with raw pictures on card 1 and chose Jpeg and MP4 for card 2.  


I have tried every setting and tested it no matter what that is where I end up.

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