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EOS R - viewfinder scratched already??



Hey so I've only had this camera for about 2 weeks. It really hasn't been used very much yet. I noticed a fingerprint on the viewfinder this morning so I grabbed a fresh microfiber cloth from my cleaning kit (out of a sealed bag) and thought I'd give it a quick wipe. I gently blew it off with my rocket hand pump and then wiped. It smudged more so I fogged it up and tried again. It was still a bit smudged so I sprayed a small amount of cleaning fluid on the cloth, again from my kit and gently wiped again. No change...  So decided to take really close look at it and that's when I noticed it was quite scratched up. I almost couldn't believe it, it's literally the first time I "cleaned" it! Is it made out of plastic? I'm really very disappointed if that is the case. Anyone else notice similar scratches on your viewfinders?




Hey so not a lot of us are going to believe your R came from the factory with that scratch.


Who besides you has been handling it since it was unboxed?

Thanks for the response. Never implied I didn’t scratch it. I thinks it’s scratched from just cleaning it. It’s disappointing if that is the case since it’s most likely made of fairly cheep plastic which is prone to scratching if you even look at it the wrong way.


I do want to stress however that I didn’t abuse it in any way. Just gave it a standard cleaning using proper materials, technique and force. I'm the only person that has ever touched it to answer your question. 


Then you likely had a grain of sand or some other foreign object that got rubbed and pressed against the lens area.


Total bummer.


You have cared for it and only done usual cleaning with proper materials, technique and force.  It happened.  



Live with it or get it repaired.  

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"...standard cleaning using proper materials..."


 A dry micro-fiber cloth is hardly "proper" materials. I am not surprised and you learned a lesson.  Like said, live with it or get it replaced. It won't affect the photos.

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So please do tell. What is the proper method you'd recommend? What do you use? The cloth was in my camera cleaning kit and was brand new, never used on anything before. 

I've been cleaning camera lenses, my glasses, binoculars, motorcycle helmet shields, primary mirror in my reflector telescope, etc. for a coupe of decades now with various microfiber cloths. Never an issue - ever.

 I never said I couldn't live with it. I also accept that it got scratched after I attempted to remove a finger print using a microfiber cloth.

Really my only gripe is with the cheapness of the manufacturing material used for the viewfinder. At the very least, cheap glass would be better than cheap plastic, although honestly - I really don't know what it's made of…




I use a cloth from my eye doctor. Always wet never dry.  You can get them at Walmart, too.


BTW, even the plastic lens over other things like your cars dashboard for instance.. Always wet never dry. Sometime it takes decades to learn how to do things correctly. I know, I have had decades!


BTW2, that "kit" would never come within 25 feet of any of my Canon lenses.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


" It smudged more so I fogged it up and tried again."    Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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