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EOS M5 dials and buttons won't respond


Hi, i have an EOS M5 that i use mostly for portraits, and while shooting today, most of the functions became unresponsive. I always shoot in M mode, and it is impossible to change ISO, Diafragm, Shutter Speed, access the Main Menu, Quick Menu, Video Recording, * or switch the Info on Display. Meanwhile, the MF/AF selector, Delete, Connectivity and Shutter Release buttons are still working. 

I'm using a 32mm Canon EF-m lens, and i tend to use the AF and adjust the ring if i see that the focus isn't sharp where i want it. Now it won't search for focus when i hold the shutter release, and every time i adjust the ring, the image gets stucked in 10x focus assist. Other than that, all info in display appears when i change the dial mode, and then disappears, leaving only the fixed expossure information, and the spot meter icon. If i open the built-in flash (that button also works), the focus assist beam activates with the shutter, but won't go off. 

Any idea on what kind of demon got into my little Camera? Thanks for your time reading this madness!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Pepe_Peralta.

It does sound as though we have some rather strange happenings going on. I would suggest removing everything from the camera to start, battery, lens, card, and anything on the hotshoe, if applicable. Then, put a fully charged battery, (Canon battery) in the camera only and reset the camera to defaults. Choose Reset camera on the yellow wrench tab #4. Once done with that, I would add one thing at a time starting with the lens and test it before then adding a card and so on.

Hi John, thanks for your suggestion. I tried that and got control for about a minute, managed to reset all basic functions before it got all unresponsive again. I've noticed that the touchscreen is also unresponsive. I am wondering if the little lithium battery in the Main PCB has any saying in all that is happening with the camera, any thoughts?