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EOS Canon 60D


Hello Everyone,

Canon 60D is good for product photography,

Lenses currently we are using Canon 18-55 and 50mm STM 1.8


Kindly advce / suggesations



The 60D is about 11 yrs old now.


"Production photography".  Under the right conditions you can take decent above average images of cast and set.  At a distance, 18~40mm will give a fairly wide FOV.  You may have to be pretty close to get a high level of detail with a 50mm FL. 


Any camera is better that no camera. so if thats what you've got, then your choices are limited.


If you want advice on an upgrade, you'd need to provide a budget and let us know what conditions you would b shooting under most.  Indoor / outdoor, etc.  Its hard to be more specific given the limited information you provided. 



Bay Area - CA

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"Canon 60D is good for product photography,"


It is as good today as it ever was.  At one time it was top of the xxD line. Depending on the "product" I would not choose to use the lenses you have. And, lenses are where it at. Not the camera. Plus a good post editor like Photoshop is mandatory for top notch work. If you don't have PS you might as well be taking snapshots and then the camera/lens doesn't matter!  My 2 cents and worth every penny.

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