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EOS 800D WiFi extremely slow


I have a Canon 800D with WiFi functionality and installed EOS Utlity. It finds and connects my camera fine, but when I want to transfer images they transfer extremely slow (+- 5 minutes for 1 photo). When I do a speedtest with my phone (also WiFi) it goes really fast (40-50 mpbs) so the problem is in the camera.


I have tried to reconnect the camera to the pc, rebooted my router but the problem remains. Does anyone have an idea to fix this?




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The in-cam wifi is mostly a gimmick... The radios are very low-power (to save your battery life) and the speed is acceptable only to transmit jpegs. I wouldn't rely or worry about it too much.


Same for me. I live in Boston, Massachusetts (within the United States), and I just purchased Canon 850D from a very American store Walmart, and I have no capabilities of reading and responding in Japan language, even if my Canon 850D which is identical to Canon Rebel T8i. I have exact same problem, the wifi takes hours to download one day worth of pictures. Of course, jpeg would be fast, and of course I'm moving RAW files, they are big, but not so big to be copied 5 minutes per file. I wonder is it functioning as designed, or we need to worry about it and perhaps return the camera back to the store? or should we contact Canon for manufacture warranty?