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EOS 750D won't connect to Google Pixel Pro 7


I have an EOS750D which used to WIFI connect to my old Samsung phone but I'm not getting anywhere with my google phone. Has anybody worked out how to connect?




I've posted about this over 50 times. My phones (all pixels) running Android 12, 13 and 14 and 2 cameras 6D2 (former) and (current) R5 C connect every time while others seem to have difficulty.  I have not been able to reproduce the problems others report here.  Is your issue with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, the typical complaint is transitioning from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi?

When you enable Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi on your camera, it will display the Bluetooth name it is broadcasting or the wireless SSID and password.  Start by confirming you are seeing both of these things. These are available when one or both are enabled.

On the Wi-Fi screen the camera will display waiting for connection. 

Open the settings app on your Android device and select Network, then Wi-Fi.  Look for the cameras SSID name.  Select it, you'll be prompted for a password.  Enter the password.  It will connect and a bubble will pop up asking you to open the Canon Connect app.  My devices immediately connect and allow me to control, browse or transfer images.

Others have successfully reported disabling the wifi password on their camera which has allowed them to connect using this workaround. I have not had to do this.  

If by chance you were using Google One VPN, I would disable it temporarily

Let us know what you're seeing?


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