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EOS 70D autofocus tracking???

Rising Star

Will the phase detect 19 point AF system in the 70D track subjects moving toward the camera at 100 miles per hour in AI Server mode? In other words, is the 70D usable for still photos of aircraft in flight, horse racing and automobile racing? Any references to articles on the 70D AF sustem that discuss its ability to track subjects moving toward the camera would be appreciated. Thanks.




If it's better than the 7D it won't be by much from what I've read but I haven't put any effort in that either. I have shot Radio Control events with a 7D with very good results & that's harder than full scale. I've also shot car racing with a 40D & had a pretty good keeper rate.


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Gary James has hit the nail on the head.

Don't get caught up in the MP count.

It actually boils down to what the eye sees.  A few larger pixels stores more quality light than a lot of smaller one do.


We have not even got into noise.  Probably the most important spec.  Larger pixels are less effected by noise than smaller ones.  We won't address resolving power of the lens as we assume the lens is the same for each sensor.  But of course the lens has a great deal more to do with the quality of the photo than anything else.

I am, obiviously, not good at explaining this, however it does not seem to stop me from trying. And I wil try to do a better job.

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