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EOS 6D Mark II - Cannot Display Saved Images


Hey there! I have a Canon 6D Mark II. Recently, it stopped showing my images on playback and also, once I put the SD card into the computer to see if the images show, they do not. I’ve updated firmware.Reset my camera. No luck there. I’m not getting any error messages. It’s just not showing up when I snap a picture. I got with some of my photography friends and they have zero clue what the issue could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



The integrity of your SD card would be the first thing I would check.  Have you tried a new SD card?

Updating your firmware does not correct malfunctioning hardware.  In fact, it is a foolhardy thing to attempt with a potentially malfunctioning camera body.  Let’s move on.

What make, model, and storage capacity of SD card are you using?  Are you using UHS-II SD cards?  Do you always format your SD cards prior to first use?

If you are using micro-SD cards that require a plastic adaptor, then that is a major problem. 

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