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EOS 5D proper mirror and focusing screen cleaning?


Hi Forum,

I just recently acquired a mint condition 5D from the mid 2000s with very little use, looks like new, but has been sitting for 15 years.  It did have a small amount of dust in the focusing screen prism that I wanted to remove since it was visible through the viewfinder.  I made the mistake of trying to whisk the dust particles away using one of those small inexpensive (cheap) lens brushes with the blower bulb.  When I did this the brush shed one of its hairs (about the size of long eyelash onto my focusing screen.  It was very difficult to remove the hair but I believe it finally came off, hopefully OUT of the camera.  My questions is what is the best way to clean a Canon EOS focusing screen and mirror?  Is there a dry and wet method?  I am not touching the sensor yet.  I did order one of the large Giotto's blower bulbs as this is what I should have used today but did not have.  



I assume sensor cleaning fluids are alcohol based and some plastics don't get along with alcohol, they melt.  If there is such a thing as a "wet clean" for focusing screens the fluid would need to be very gentle and the applicator would have to be feather soft.

Check out this video from the 10:00min to 11:00min mark.  Scary?  

"How to Clean your Camera Sensor & Lens-NO MORE DUST SPOTS!!"



I don't understand why someone could not just remove their dirty focusing screen from the camera body, rinse it under look warm water, and pat dry with a micro-fiber cloth. On a 5D the screen looks to be easily removable with one clip.