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EOS 4000D Solid White Line at the bottom half of the display screen.


Hi all, I need help with an issue that I am having on a Canon EOS4000D camera which is showing a solid white line on the camera display screen but it's not showing on the photos on the SD card. What seems to be the cause of this issue?


Rising Star

A image of the "solid white line" might be helpful, but if the stored photos look fine, it's obviously not a sensor issue.  It's more likely an issue related to the LCD display system.  It may be the LCD panel itself, a bad ribbon cable or connector or a failing display driver IC.    You might try resetting the camera to factory settings, and/or removing the battery and switching the camera on for 10 sec., then off and re-install the battery.  However, it's much more likely your T100/EOS 4000D has a hardware failure and will need service.