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EOS 2000D Blurry View Finder & Pics



I just purchased a Canon EOS 2000D & I'm having issues with blurry pics. I have yet to be able to take a non blurry picture. The view finder is also blurry, even after adjusting the diopter (but this shouldn't be the reason for blurry pics). I've adjusted all other settings & cannot get the view finder or pics to not be blurry. Please help! 



What lens do you have on your camera?

On a bright sunny day, put the camera in automatic mode (green A) and take a photo of something that isn't moving with lots of detail.   Bonus if you can use a tripod.   The camera should choose a higher shutter speed and more narrower aperature in such conditions.   This should help reduce the variables of what could be causing the issues.


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Make sure the AF/MF switch on the lens is set to AF. Will the camera focus correctly in live view (using the rear LCD screen to take and compose shots). It also sounds like you're either missing the focusing screen or its not in place correctly. "I just purchased a Canon EOS 2000D & I'm having issues with blurry pics." If this is the case I would exchange it at the retailer you purchased the camera from.


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