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EOS-1D Mark II Firmware download not appearing


Hi everyone, im new and trying to download the firmware for my eos 1d mk ii. For some reason when i click the download button on the website it redirects me back to the main menu without recieving the download. Additionally i check the tab in the browser and in my folders and low and behold still no download. I dont know why this is happening to me. Ive tried multiple other computers too and them same result...


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I had posted a wrong link to your camera, I see you have a 1D MarkII, not a 1DX MarkII. When I try to download the firmware for your camera, the download link goes to a Canon Japan page that is not a firmware download link, so something is broken with the download link for your firmware.

Hi bob, thank you for your response! Any idea as to who i should contact?

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You could try calling Canon and see if they can help, but their website says they no longer support that camera. Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions.

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Update: I found this site, it is not an official Canon site, but it shows the firmware file for the 1D Mark II. 

Scroll down to the floppy disk icon to download. I can't guarantee the integrity of the download, but it has the proper filename.


Go to DPReview site and post a request in the 1D Series forum. There is an individual there that can assist. While I cannot personally vouch for “safe” I have seen many posts where the follow up is thank you. 

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In this case I'd go with John's suggestion.  

Canon Japan does not have firmware listed for the 1D2

EOS-1D MarkII OS Selection|Canon

The 3rd party site might work, but DP Review is likely the better option.  

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I have all EOS firmware updates that Canon has published. The sha256 checksum for 1D II is ff4949eb1f3f1776f32a110101bfb9d9bc823c461afa72344d64decee98d694c eos1dmk2126.exe

That means you can download from anywhere as long as the checksum is correct. There are online tools to check a files' sha256 checksum.

I downloaded the file from the link the user 5DIV posted and I got the same sha256 checksum as from the one I have on my computer.



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Thanks for checking it out. So Jasonv2142 can download and use this firmware file.



Before you go to the trouble updating the FW read what it does. I no longer have my 1D Mk II but I do still have my 1D MkIIn. If I remember correctly Canon stopped updating the FW on the Mk II when the Mk IIn came out very soon after the Mk II.

You always should read what the FW does before you install it. It may add or fix something that des not pertain to you or how you use the camera. The last FW for the Mk IIn was very good and every owner should have done it.

Again memory is all I have to go by but some of the changes to a 1D Mk II can not be made unless you have access to a computer with Firewire on it. I doubt very seriously you will have that or find somebody that does. If your camera is working now, I would skip the FW and just use it and enjoy it.

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