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EOS 1100D black screen, error message in viewfinder



 Last night I took some pictures and it said in the viewfinder that it's busy and the screen was black,,this morning I tried to turn it on and stil the same thing,the tried turning it of and on again and the viewfinder works but screen started doing this,when I take a picture it tales the picture but says error in viefinder. The Camera was sent to a guy who replace a pc board or something lile that and it didn't fix the problem, so I took it back and thay don't know what the problem is and cant fimd it,they jusy factory reset it and it eorks for a bit



Canon no longer repairs that camera anymore. I would suggest looking into the EOS R series mirrorless cameras. DSLR cameras have been replaced by mirrorless cameras. Avoid the EOS M series cameras they have been discontinued. Your current EF & EF-S lenses can be adapted those cameras. Note not all adapted lenses support all features on the EOS R series.


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