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Download pictures from SL1 to WIndows 7 - is Canon software really needed?


I just got a Canon SL1 Camera. 

We've used the Canon Poweshot G11 for many years and have been downloading pictures from the G11 directly to Windows 7 PC without any special Canon software, simply just connecting with USB cable, when the camera is turned on we see the camera "mounted" as a drive on the Windows PC, and the content of the SD card is visible, then we just drag/drop the picture folder (or even individual pictures) from the camera onto the Windows hard drive.  Quick and easy.

No special Canon software was ever needed for the G11, although the camera did come with a CD that had some software on it. (We only shot in jpeg format, no RAW files, and also just pictures, no video).


So  my question is now, can I do the same procedure with the SL1? (e.g. download pictures via USB only, directly from camera to PC without the software?)

I see people talk alot about card reader, but I figure it would be less wear and tear on the card if I leave it in the camera, and refrain from taking the card out and putting it in frequently.
I may be missing something... if downloading directly from the camera is possible what is the advantage of  1) using a card reader 2) using Canon software





You probably need to load the Canon software. When new versions of camera come out AFTER the last version of OS such as Windows 7 you need a driver for the new camera. Same goes for processing RAW (the CR2 files) images. Each new camera has new types of RAW files & for those who want to work with them they need to update the appropriate software.

The benefit of a card reader is that once recognized by the computer it works & in general will continue to work even when downloading files from a camera much newer than your operating system. There are however exceptions when totally new file systems are created for the newest of high speed cards.

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