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Don't you think that the EOS ---D should have built in flash?


Don't you think that the EOS new 6D, 5D Mark 3, etc, should have built in flash, even though they have an optical viewfinder.

It should have flash because it is more convinient and these EOS's are really good. If they are perfect, the should have flash in my opinion...



11 year old boy who loves photography.



Yes- even though built in flashes aren't all that great, they can really come in handy when out in the field where soem basic fill flash might be needed to get the shot


No. If the shot needs any additional lighting, then I use the proper flash that will improve the photo, not take away from it.

Having a built in flash would just make it more tempting to leave the external flash at home or in the bag.


It totally agree that one should use an external flash, but it would be helpful to have a built in flash for the purpose of a wireless master like the 7D, 60, AND T3i have. I know that Canon has now introduced the radio flash system, but it's still helpful to be able to use the optical way to for us that don't have the new radio system.

I'm an advanced amateur, am not the average point-and-shoot photographer out there, and am willing to take any critique or advice that will improve my photography.


I think they should have a wireless master control at least, but built in flash I don't think about. I've never used the built in flash on my T2i, T3i, or 60d.

I suppose they figure, if you care enough about your photos to spend that kind of money for a camera, you wouldn't want to use the crappy built in flash anyway...Smiley Wink


Yes, especially the 6D 🙂


Yes. A built in wireless/radio master together with flash.


Nikon clearly demonstrates that this is an important selling point.


Besides that, there were situations (forsenics etc.) in which I needed a quickly available flash (I mean the worst flash possible - just give me a source of light...) and I didn't have the bulky Speedlite available in a timelly manner.


But, the main question is: How much will (over)charge Canon for this?


Even if it is a pretty neat feature, I cannot say that's compulsory. OTOH, the popup flash present in the entry-level bodies and more complex wireless/radio processing engine from 5-10$ keyboards and mices shows us that the thing doens't cost too much. Or shouldn't...

my 2c & HTH,

John Th.

No I think using a built in flash only hinders your photographs learn to use off camera lighting you'll like it much better.

if you want a built in flash, then buy a canon with one on, and miss out on what these cameras offer you.


I have a 50D with built-in flash and the 5D3 without.  I also have 3 external flashes.  From my perspective, I often wish the 5D3 would have had the built-in flash.  I don't need it often but once in a while I'd want to use a quick fill's a royal pain to have to set the bag down, fumble around to mount the external flash...most often the opportunity is gone.  The point is you can't always plan your shoot... For a professional shoot where you plan everything, who needs the built-in flash but then it doesn't hurt to have it either.

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