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Cleasning 1DX Sensor?


Has anyoen with the 1DX cleaned their own sensors yet? My sensor arrived absolutely filthy, and rather than send it in to get it cleaned, I'd liek to clean it myself to save the downtime with the shipping and service etc- I have read however, that canon 1DX employs a 'generation 2 sensor cleaning ability' incamera, and that the sensor is therefore perhaps not as robust as say the older 1D bodie's sensor filters? Has anyoen else heard or read this? The link I gave in my other thread  makes a mention of the shaker sensor on the 1DX being more fragiel than older sensors? And talks about how an attempt at cleanign hte sensor broke it and cost him over $3000? Is there any truth to this? It is post number 16 that talks about hte issue-


As I mentioned, my sensor is absolutely filthy, and dry cleaning isn't goign to cut it- but I'm leery of tryign to clean the sensor filter myself after reading that post-



Some people are so technically inept they shouldn't be allowed near a screwdriver.  I clean the sensor in my 5DII myself with no issues.   I use this kit:

and I also have this as well:


To see how it's done you can watch this video:


If you don't feel comfortable by all means take it somewhere to be cleaned, but it really isn't that big of a deal.