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Does anyone know a source for a EOS D30 camera lithium battery cover CB2 0666-000


I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Canon EOS D30 I inherited from my parents. They hardly used it, so I would like to sell it. However, the round black battery cover for the lithium battery on the bottom of the camera is missing. I thought it would easy to find a replacement, and after an exhaustive internet search, was I surprised to see that it is not available anywhere! Does anyone know if there is a cover from another model that would work? Without it, the camera is rendered useless!!!!!  Canon could only provide me the part #:  CB2 0666-000.  I checked ever site link, and it seems as if this part is now sold out over the world..... THANK YOU to whomever can help me.




Have you tried using the camera in it's present state?  As far as I know the clock batery is not required in order to use the camera. 

Mike Sowsun
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The D30 is a very old model which explains the shortage of parts.  I'd recommend forgetting about repairing it for sale.  You won't be making very much money selling it.  It's old but not old enough to be an antique so no value at all.  The lens, depending on what it is, might be worth more than the camera.


If you must find the part, try going to one of the camera shows...there are always a bunch of dealers with very old cameras and parts.  You might find one there.  Good luck.

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Thanks for your prompt response! I checked Ebay, and you might be surprised to see that these cameras are still sought after and still command a price (as you correctly said, depending on the lens and accessories (all of which I have, in great shape, too). 


Even if I don't decide to sell it, I would like to give it to someone in my family, as I know it took great photos. It is so frustrating to not be able to give it a new life because of one little plastic part! 


Anyway, thanks for your post! I'll report on the outcome of my search.


If you just can't find that cover you can always put the battery grip on it. That is probably the reason the original cover is missing anyway as someone had grip on it. Plus the grip makes it way much better camera.

I have to agree, though, a 3 MP camera is not very desirable and may not be worth the cost of the grip. But that is a way out for you.

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Thanks for that suggestion! I will look around for one and hopefully can find one reasonably priced. I very much appreciate this idea!

No, unfortunately the vertical/battery grip won't help you, even though the  BG-ED3 to fit the camera is well made and a nice grip to use.


You are missing the small memory battery cap, not the main rechargeable battery door.  When the grip is installed, the main battery door is removed (and stores in a slot in the grip), but the small memory battery cap is left in place with or without the grip.


Too bad... The main battery door is easy to find. The small memory  battery cap is not.


The good news is that the same part # CB2 0666 battery cover is used on 10D, D60 and D30.


You might watch for a 10D, D60 or D30 in junk condition, selling cheap on eBay or elsewhere. (Note, be careful on eBay if you search there... If you just ask for "Canon D30", you'll get both D30 and 30D, which are quite different cameras. Same with D60 and 60D. 10D isn't a problem because there's never been a D10.)


You also might check with large stores that have their own repair departments, such as in Atlanta. Parts supplier in Ohio is another possible source, they list the part but show it unavailable right now. in California is a repairer who have some spare parts, a major supplier to the camera repair industry in general. I know, too, that there is a network of repairers and anyone who is part of that might be able to track down a part off a scrap camera somewhere.


Good luck!


Alan Myers

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Thank you so much for this well-appreciated advice!


I will try the various repair departments that you mentioned, in the hope that this part turn up somewhere! And thank you about the difference between D30 and camera is the EOS D30.


I do have a question though....if the same part is used on the 10D and D60, does it go by another part number? I simply can't imagine leaving all those camera owners without a workable camera if they happen to lose a plastic cover! 


Again, thank you for the leads. I will keep you posted on what I find!

However, the battery grip will still likely remedy your problem. All you need do is  hold the button battery in place.

With the battery grip installed, a small piece of something, like foam rubber, will likely do.  Smiley Happy

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EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thank you, and yes that makes sense if I can find a reasonable battery grip.


However, I am STILL mystified that this simple part is not available, especially since more recent camers like the D10 use the same part! It doesn't seem right to me.


I appreciate your help.

It is likely there are many out there yet but still on working cameras. But keep in mind this is a mid-range camera akin to a Rebel T5i today. Add to the fact it is nearing 15 years of age. Fifteen years is a long time for a DSLR. Even the newest incarnation, the 20D, was last made around 2005, give or take.

This may have been a part that was easily lost and therefore the available supply was exhausted quickly.

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