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Disabling Auto Power Off for Good in the R5?


I have made changes to disable Auto Power Off on my R5 in the Power Saving Menu but if I turn off the camera and then back on, it reverts to the default (?) settings of 30 seconds display and auto power off.  How can I make it permanent?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Redshift48, 

The changes you made should be maintained after powering the camera off. The default settings for Auto power off and Display off should be 1 min, while Viewfinder off is 3 min. I would suggest resetting the camera to default settings and starting there. You can save the current camera settings to a memory card prior to resetting the camera if you would like to. That option is in the yellow Tools (wrench) menu #5. The camera needs to be in a Creative mode such as P, Av, Tv, or M to access all of the menu items. You can find the reset in the yellow Wrench Menu #5. There is also the Clear customized settings Menu item in orange camera #3 menu. Doing both of these will reset the camera to default settings.