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Delayed photos on manual


My photos are becoming very delayed. I used to never have a problem with taking photos on the manual setting and now for some reason the camera is taking very delayed photos. There is no timer on it so im not sure whats going on. Its in MF, with the stabilizer on. Are there certain setting thats it should be on all the time? 


Thank you! 



Can you provide more information about your issue?  Please try to provide enough information so that someone can try to reproduce your issue.  For example, what camera, what shooting mode and exposure settings, light conditions, etc.


Try to help someone to help you.

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There is an internal timer, make sure you are in single shot mode.


Also, could you have the shutter speed set to "B"? That requires two shutter button presses.

Some possibilities:

1. Lighting too dim for autofocus to work well. What is dim to a camera isnt really dim to the eye. My old Rebel would struggle to lock focus indoors in the evening even with the room lights on. Do you get a delay outside on a sunny day?

2. Shooting mode set to 2 second or 10 second delay. This delay feature exists so on a tripod you can run around and get in your own picture. Also to avoid the tiny shake from your finger pressing the shutter if focus is critical. Set to one shot or to continuous shooting.


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