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DSLR and lenses for high-end music videos and photography? Help please


Hello! I'm looking for a DSLR at around 500-1500 USD that can produce really high quality cinematic videos. I'm pretty experienced with editing but not with cameras themselves.

My dream is to be a photographer and make music videos for a living and now I finally have the chance to get started and try. My budget isn't set in stone but I'd like to stay in the 500-1500 range if possible.Not sure I need an additional lens right away? I can go over 2000USD if really needed and if it's worth it but all suggestions and tips appreciated. I want something that will last me a few years and be able to make videos for big artists quality wise.

Would also like some tips for stabilization and steady cam or whatever it's called, I have very shaky hands.

I don't really care about 4k, I don't mind 1080p! 🙂



Any of the current crop of digital cameras DSLR or mirrorless will make videos. As to high quality, that's your call as nobody here can do that for you. The more or higher level camera you get, should get you higher ability. Perhaps only more features to do videos.

If it was me making the choice I absolutely would go for a mirrorless camera. Not a DSLR. Better to stick with R lenses too. $2000 may be hard to stay under camera, lens and stabilizer.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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