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DSLR 101


Here is a sample of RAW and how it can help make your photos better. 



Normal RAW exposure.




Normal exposure jpg.  They look pretty close because you are looking at a computer monitor.  The RAW has been converted to jpg in post.  The original jpg was done by the camera, a 1Ds Mk III in this case.




However, suspose you got something wrong. In this case I under exposed it by 3 stops.  But it could be any condition.  WB, color balance, saturation, and on and on, etc.




Corrected RAW.




Corrected jpg.  But below lets look a little closer.




Especially check the shadows. Can you see the difference?  Need a better look?  OK, here is a 100% crop of that enlargment.




It should be blantly obivious that RAW is the way to go.  All else was equal. Same camera. Same lens. Same time of day. Same, same!

Get Lightroom................Smiley Happy


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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Biggs now I can see the difference in these 2 pics.  The RAW is sharper, more color saturation.  The Jpg looks a tad lighter, more washed out.  I can also see the distortion in the black areas.   But it's harder to see here than the last pics you posted.  These are not side by side.  I se it now because I observed it in the last pics.  But it's harder for me to see it in these cause they are not side by side.  Would have been easy to lie, you told me which one was Raw and which ones is Jpg.  But no reason to do that, I would only hurt myself.  Least I was honest with you.   I should get points for that LOL.

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