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Custom white balance resets after camera turns off


Hi there.  I'm using SL1's and 6D's in some photobooth installations, and at night the units automatically turn off and turn back on again in the morning using a timer.  I'm using the in-camera custom white balance on these units.  I'll have the custom white balance perfectly dialed in, but in the morning when the cameras turn back on, the camera seems to lose that custom white balance - requiring me to manually go to each unit and dial in the custom white balance again by pointing it at the right image on the sd card.  Other settings stay put, such as WB Shift/Bkt and Picture Style.


Does anyone know how to keep the cameras on the dialed-in custom white balance despite being turned off and on again?



One way is to find out what the temperature (degrees Kelvin) is for your custom setting and set the white balance to a fixed degree Kelvin.  The camera will remember that for sure.

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That might not work an an SL1, though. It doesn't on my T6S.

That's a good call - would work on the 6d, but not the SL1

Any suggestions as to how to find out the degrees Kelvin?  Would that require a specific tool?

I would shoot a RAW file and then use DPP to develop it. That should tell you.


Another option *might* be that I noticed in my T6S manual that you can use EOS utility to register a white balance. That *might* be more persistant.