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Custom mode (C1, C2, C3) for JPEG shooting?


I have a 70D and also a 5D IV, and I shoot just about everything I can and always shoot in RAW. However, when I am just out capturing things like family events, I would like a quick way to switch over to JPEG only and no RAW. Is it possible setup one of the custom settings on the dial to JPEG only, or will that only set things such as ISO, Shutter speed, aperture, etc? 


If the above is not possible, is the easiest way just going to be to add it to the Green custom menu and switch back and forth between RAW and JPEG?



This is one of those things that you could have answered much faster *just by trying it*.


But yes, you can set the file type for the custom mode.

Well. First of all, thanks for the info. Secondly, you could have answered it by *not being arrogant*. Third, I am not near my cameras right now and wont be a quite some time. It was just a question that popped in my head.  

Over the years I have found it helpful for others to see something in a forum as it sometimes teaches others that may not think about it. That is why I posted the question here. No because I didn't want to try it on my own. 

Please learn the difference between arrogance and snark.


Remember, we are all (except the red names) just users like you and I took time out of my day to answer your question.


I did that for a while, but inevitably forgot to set it back at times when I really needed RAW.  So now I write RAW files to one card and JPGs to the other card as a "backup".  I use a 1DXII and want the RAWs going to the CFast2 card because I shoot sports and burst a lot.  The only real use even for this, however, is when I want to do a quick share to someone who's doesn't do post processing and I want to just give them the JPGs on the spot.  Turns out, that's a pretty rare case. Otherwise, it's really no more work to export the RAWs as JPGs with some auto-presets or using the Camera Profile option in LightRoom and applying it to all the pics at once.