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Connection to device via Wi-Fi is disconnected on eos R8


When viewing photos from a tablet on an Android or iPad via the Camera Connect app, the connection often occurs. The transfer speed and connection quality remain stable only if the camera and devices are nearby. If you display photos on the tablet for viewing and take pictures at the same time, the connection is lost.

I took the camera to an official service center for diagnostics. There they told me that the camera was fully operational

Compared to my old Eos RP, my Eos R8 renders photos even worse.

I tried to transfer photos, as well as through an extended connection. Used the camera as an access point. Connected via bluetooth to the tablet and transmitted via Wi-Fi. The result is the same - the connection falls off.

On the tablet, I turned off the smart wifi connection, so the tablet does not automatically turn off the wi-fi.

I read on one of the forums that there was a similar problem with Eos r6m2. As it turned out, the problem was that the user was using an old battery. I still have this problem with the new battery that came with it.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Sasharogatin,

I'm sorry to hear you are having connections issues with your EOS R8 and iPad. If you are using a Bluetooth connection and if you are using the camera as an access point the devices would need to stay close together to hold onto a connection. With both of those connection types the wi-fi network is held using the camera's wi-fi antenna.

One thing to check would be to have both the iPad and your camera connected to your home wi-fi network. A router can help keep the connection stronger, and in that case the camera and iPad wouldn't need to be near each other since it would be the router that is handling the network. That can help with transfer speeds as well since routers tend to have better bandwidth.

If the same thing is happening when you connect through your home network are you getting any error messages on the iPad or your camera? If you are what does the error message say word for word?