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Canon T6i


Have a Canon T6i that the built in flash has stopped working. I have checked all the settings, and it still doesn't work. Has anyone tried replacing the flash? If so, how difficult of a job is it? Any ideas on how to determine if it is the flash unit itself or the flash control board? Doesn't make the sound it used to make.



What does "stopped working" mean?  Does it still pop up when it is supposed to?  If not that is a common problem and can be due to sticky linkage. When it tries to pop up gently help it with your finger nail. Than try to clean it with a drop of alcohol on a q-tip. 

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No, its not stuck. It pops up like normal, just doesn't flash.

@Kyteris wrote:

No, its not stuck. It pops up like normal, just doesn't flash.

The flash on a Rebel is only good for use as fill flssh at distances up to 10 feet, which is stretching it.  I stopped using my flash, and began to shoot exclusively with natural light, which when chosen carefully results in really nice shots.


If the flash does not work, it is much cheaper to buy an inexpensive Speedlite than footing the bill for a repair.  If you need to have a flash, just buy an external flash, and keep on shooting.

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It would not be wise to attempt a repair even if you could get the parts and you had the full service/repair manual in front of you and those are impossible to get. The list of possible causes are long. If you reset all your settings to default, including any custom settings and it still does not work then it is time for servicing it at an authorized Canon center.

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