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Canon T4i Screen is black, but touch works


After disassembly, my camera for cleaning, my screen won't turn on, but the screen touch is still working, 

Id been triying everithyng.

  • cleaning the proximity sensor
  • disable the auto off
  • pressing the info button.

I can take pictures, but I can't change the settings, live view does not work either because the screen is black.


I tried to call canon, but they don't answer me.


Does someone know how to fix it? 


Excuse me for my bad English, I'm from Mexico, I'm trying my best. 



Welcome to the forums Daniel.


Who took the camera apart?  You or a repair shop? 


Put me under the hood of a car, no problem

Need your laptop repaired, I'm good there too.


Want your digital SLR cleaned or repaired...  and what happend to you would be the same for me.  The proximity sensor is likely to blame here, but we don't know how far the camera was disassembled.


I would have left this to a pro, but given its age, I also understand why you might have tried.  The T4i is no longer "officially" supported, so any repairs would have to be done by you, or a shop, not Canon.


All I can do it wish you luck.  These situations don't usually end well.  Hopefully someone else has some suggestions for you. 


If this isn't an easy fix, the cost of repair will likely exceed what you'll find here



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I would guess proximity sensor (on the viewfinder) is blocked, or if the screen has two cables (one for touch/control and one for display/view) I would say the view/display cable is not connected properly or broken.

I have the same idea, im going to purchase the back of the camera. I think is the lcd flex