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Canon Rp for 500$?


I was looking at my local online sellers and I saw someone selling an rp body with batteries and ef adapter for 500$. I've been taking a TON of photos recently and want to upgrade from my good ol t3i. I think its a pretty good deal but I want to know what you all think. I'm also open to other suggestions from other brands and I'm not tied to being full frame



If the camera is in very good to excellent condition it seems to be a good price.

Be aware that if you have many EF-S lenses with your T3i they will be auto "cropped" in the RP and the effective resolution will be about 10MP (less than your T3i, which is 18MP).

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Upgrading from your Canon T3i to a Canon EOS RP for $500 including batteries and an EF adapter is a solid deal given the EOS RP’s full frame sensor, better image quality and advanced features. Ensure the camera is in good condition before purchasing. Alternatively you might consider other brands like Official Site the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, Sony Alpha a6400 or Nikon Z50 which are excellent mirrorless APS-C options if you're open to staying with a crop sensor.

The Canon EOS M50 - and the entire M-mount series has been discontinued, there will be no more M-mount lenses before long other than what you can find used.  By sticking with the RP there are a lot of lens choices, and the R-mount system is going strong.  


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Good Morning. 

I would recommend sticking with Canon.  I'm sure my tenure with the brand makes me a bit biased.  I would avoid the M Series since it has been discontinued and is not a viable long term investment. 

If you purchase a full frame body, you are not going to want to use any of your EF-S lenses with it.  Your captured images will be approx 10 MP as the camera will shoot in crop mode.  If you own EF lenses and want to use them on the RP, you'll need an adapter. 

If you've been happy with the overall performance and color science of the T3i, I would not decide that now is the time to switch brands.  This is a decision you'll have to make.    

You've not told us what gear you own now besides your body or provided a budget.  While FF is my preference, it might not be the best choice for you depending on the type of photography you enjoy most.  Sports, portraits, wildlife, landscapes, etc.  

Finally, buying from 3rd parties can pose some risk.  I would thoroughly test the camera, and ensure its functioning properly.  Getting a "good deal", that then requires you to throw more money at to get a functioning camera is not so "good".  Make sure you have a right to return should the gear not work as described.  Its better to buy from a authorized dealer, or seller such as Canon Refurbished, KEH, Adorama or B&H.  These products have been inspected and come with a warranty.  This is up to you.     

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