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Canon R8 with Godox TT350C Flash


Happy new owner of a Canon R8, still learning. I switched from Fuji and had a very good experience with my Godox TT350F flash - lightweight, powerful, tons of features and affordable. After reading the R8 manual and some online reviews, I'm wondering if the Canon version of the same flash (TT350C) along with the AD-E1 adapter would work properly with the R8's multi-function pin arrangement. Would appreciate any insights. Thank you, Marcelo.


The EL-100 is fully compatible with the EOS R8. It is also fully compatible with the in camera flash menu. It will also be able to provide an AF Assist Beam via Intermittent Flash Firing (disco flash). But note depending on the ambient lighting. An AF Assist Beam maybe projected by the camera instead of the speedlite. 


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Always good to know what you want and what you can tolerate. And if you do end up wanting to go Strobist for cheap in the future, you can always pick up a Godox speedlight, then.