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Static noise when recording on Live View EOS M50


Hi, i am having a static noise when i record on live view. Are you aware of the issue or you have any idea how to solve?

I record with a Blue Yeti, plugged with an AUX cable. The issue disappears if I do not connect the camera to the laptop and normally record instead of Live View. Recording in front of my laptop is always useful to have live view so I can sound check and position myself in the center quite easily and I would like to avoid the noise.




Please give us a full details on your set up?

Laptop brand and model, OS build and version.

Software or application(s) in use?

Are you using any adapters on the external connections?  Does the mic connect via 3.5mm mic port or USB?  What kind of cable are you using for the camera and does it connect directly to an available USB port?  The more detail you provide the better.  🙂

This sounds like interference of some sort.  Ground loop, electrical, wireless, unshielded audio or power cables, or maybe the AC plug you are connected to?

This is an audio problem, not image related, correct?

Is this the mic?  Is has a built in amplifier.  Does the noise decrease if the amplification is turned up or down?



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