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Canon R6 overheat in crop mode full hd 25p


Hi, I fount an canon R6 issue or bug, I'm an wedding filmmaker, using RF 16mm 2.8 and RF 50 mm 1.8 lens.
When in turn on crop mode 1.6 on video a got overhead after 50-53 minutes in full hd 25 p ( IS off, autofocus off ). When camera already overheated i see 0 minute can filming,  if I change crop mode to OFF I can filming 30 min with no problem. That problem have on my both canon r6. Overheat problem still in photo mode, never see an overheat icon but camera become little bit hot and when i turn to video i see just 15 min can filming. Some time when camera become hot touch screeen have an problems  ( double click not zoom photo, can't use touch screen to see photos, I can't move photos just with mechanical buttons). Filming in 50p full hd full sensor camera never overheat, same story 25 p full hd and 4k 25 p from full sensor. I got overhead in full sensor mode just in 4k60 and when i turn on crop mode in all other modes. Filming just IBP not compressed, Canon please help me, that problems have all canon R6 camera, hot shoe still work but i don't know how long and when can drop down from camera both with my flash 600 ex-rt II. I spend a lot of money for camera, flash, lens and now i got an cameras with a lot of problems. 



Anybody can help me ? Maybe problem is with camera firmware, maybe need an good update ? I'm using the last firmware 1.6.0 but problem not appear with that firmware and I don't remember when first time I got overhead in that mode, maybe 6 or 9 mounts ago, not sure about that.

Hi, Ciumaka!

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While the R5/6 are great cameras, both have proven themselves to be somewhat unreliable for recording video consistently.  Your use case demonstrates this.  Works really well in one mode, and then doesn't seemingly when you are in a less demanding mode.  I gave up trying to understand the triggers for when (and under what conditions, modes, etc) the cameras would work as you might expect.  I think its partially related to design, but also to firmware as you eluded.  You'll need to work within the limitations of the device and decide if you can count on it to meet your needs (personally / professionally).  We've all learned that the oversampling continues to function, even when you are using less of the sensor, this is why the camera continues to show overheat in lower operating modes.  These behaviors were made public prior to these body's official release.  There are some work arounds (Ninja V+) but how practical this is, is certainly debatable.  Respectfully, its a little late to be surprised by this now. 

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