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Canon R5 freeze after 1.5.1 update


Hi Canon,

After installing firmware 1.5, I was having my R5 freeze regularly with animal eye autofocus mapped to back button focus. I installed firmware update 1.5.1 this weekend hoping it will fix the issue. I went out today to shooting some shore birds. My R5 locked up 3 times in a period of 1.5 hours of shooting, one of the three was was with error E70. In all three cases, turning the camera off/on fixed the issue; this is different from firmware 1.5 freezes, where I had to take out the battery to fix the freeze. 

Please let me know if you need more information about the camera settings. I happy to share them. 

Regards, Mo



Signed up here just to post that I got my very first R5 + RF 100-500mm freeze today.  I've had both body and lens since the days they were released and have used them almost daily.  Never had a freeze with them until I went to turn on my R5, and the EVF was black.  Tried looking through it a second time and checking that the camera was indeed on, and it was still black.  Turned off the camera, but the shutter curtain closing(?) clicking sound didn't happen like it normally does, and the top LCD still showed my shooting settings, even though the power switch was on OFF (I took a picture that shows that).  Only after I removed the battery and reinstalled it, did the R5 start working again.  Of course, the shot I was going for was a one-time opportunity, and I missed it.  I've also had very sporadic Err 60 errors in the past with my R5 + RF 70-200 2.8, but I think both issues are unrelated.  I've been on firmware 1.5.2 since the day it came out, as well as the latest RF 100-500 firmware.

I have since discovered that carefully cleaning all contact surfaces with 70-30 alcohol and a soft cotton q-tip... The lens and in the camera contacts as well as the battery grip if you have that as well. That seems to solve the problem. I had a couple more freeze-ups after 1.5.2. I did that I've never had another freeze up in many, many thousands of pictures


Were you getting a specific Err code or no code at all (or didn't notice)?

I've heard about and used this potential solution before, but still have had freeze ups. Less frequently with the latest 1.5.2 firmware.
This is not an acceptable solution for this issue and should not be marked as such.

Yeah, I'm not sure why that was marked as a solution.  I had a friend also buy a brand new R5 and brand new RF 100-500, and they got a Err 70 lockup within their first few days.  I somehow doubt their lens and camera contacts came dirty from the factory, and I have doubts that my contacts have any dust, debris or other connectivity issues because I rarely change lenses and use my camera in fairly sterile environments.

Well it seems like Canon has finally acknowledged my issue was a real issue and fixed it with new firmware for the RF 70-200:


Firmware Version 1.1.1 incorporates the following fix:
1. Fixes an issue, in which, in rare instances, "Err60" is displayed if zoom operations are performed when the camera is started.

As I thought, it was an issue with the lens itself and had nothing to do with my R5.


I have had freezing issue with my R5 since I purchased it September 2021.  

1.  It freeze with screen/VF flashing as if it was cleaning buffer.  I was shooting speed skating aiming and waiting  to shoot only at a turn, not following the skaters all the way.  Shutter mode was multiple or multiple H.  I was not even on H+ mode nor pressing shutter to long.  I switched to use my backup camera and went back to the R5 after 10 minutes, it was still flashing.   I turned it off and on, same thing.   I had to take the battery out a few time to get it fix. 

Gear: R5, EF 100-400 ii, Converter, Sony Touch CFexpress B, 128GB, SanDisk CFexpress B 128GB

2.  Recently, it freeze more often.  More frequent on slow shutter 1/40 - 1/60.  It is very frustrating as i would miss the actions at sport events.  The freeze had happened on both the Sony and SanDisk card, hence, It is not card dependent. 

I am contemplating whether to take it for service but i can not deal with not having the camera for a lengthy time.  I have not experienced these technical issue with my previous   DSLR Canon cameras.  I am seeking a  solution to fix this issue. 






Short version of my experience - my R5 had freezing issues that got progressively worse.  Sent it in to Canon after 1st month and they returned it saying they found no issue.  Spent 6 mths trying to figure out any settings, lens etc that may be causing issue.  I could never find a root cause.  Sent it in to Canon again & they said main board was faulty and replaced it.  Seems to be working fine now but I haven’t had it back very long.  My conclusion, Canon is aware of this issue and struggling to find a solution.  The camera HW seems to have a design margin or quality control issue with many cameras working ok and some that freeze.  It’s likely that people with persistent issues need a board replacement.

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