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Canon R5 freeze after 1.5.1 update


Hi Canon,

After installing firmware 1.5, I was having my R5 freeze regularly with animal eye autofocus mapped to back button focus. I installed firmware update 1.5.1 this weekend hoping it will fix the issue. I went out today to shooting some shore birds. My R5 locked up 3 times in a period of 1.5 hours of shooting, one of the three was was with error E70. In all three cases, turning the camera off/on fixed the issue; this is different from firmware 1.5 freezes, where I had to take out the battery to fix the freeze. 

Please let me know if you need more information about the camera settings. I happy to share them. 

Regards, Mo


My conditions are similar (R5, 100-500mm, without 1.4 - same back button focus arrangement) except that I had many freezes with 1.5 (necessitating removing the battery to fix), fewer freezes with 1.5.1 (just on-off fix). I have not had any freezes with the 100-500mm + 1.4 extender, but have not used it very often. Clearly Canon has more firmware work to do. Love my pix though.

Same here, pics are amazing with the rf 100-500 and the extender. I was out the other day with the rf 100-400 and had no freezes. Camera performed beautifully. I took lots of shots of wild horses on the river. That lens is incredible also. Hopefully, the R5 will work well with all combinations of lenses/attachments. 


issue: R5 camera freeze requiring battery removal to restart. No error message, blacked out display.

I have R5 setup with the star button set to current AF mode/AF Servo. The AF-On button is set to Animal Eye detect.
The shutter button has no focus function, just takes the photo.
I am using a Sandisk Pro 128 GB CF & SD cards. Issue happens during focus, not shutter release so I don't think the card is involved.
I have 3 different Canon batteries and the issue doesn't seem to follow battery or charge level.
I have hit the issue with the RF 100-500 lens with and without the RF 1.4x attached
The control ring on the RF 100-500 lens set to change AF Modes. The issue has happened twice just switching AF mode with the control ring. - rare
I also infrequently use the RF 24-240 lens - Issue has happened with this lens
Issue has happened with firmware 1.4, 1.5 & 1.5.1

Most recently ran into the issue using just the AF-On to do Eye AF focus on a duck with difficult to see eyes (black on black). Camera froze 4 out of 10 times while testing focus. Either it obtained eye focus (blue rectangle) or it froze with a gray rectangle on the birds head, then blacked out necessitating battery removal. My test sequence was to press AF-on to obtain eye focus on the bird, releasing it once it had focus, then repeat. No shutter release during this testing. Full battery, Sandisk Pro CF card, 1.5.1 firmware. 

The problem is infrequent enough that I have tolerated it so far, but annoying enough that I really would like to see it fixed.

Yes, I have tolerated the problem also. R5, firmware, 1.5.1. The camera takes excellent photos and the lenses are amazing, but this is a very annoying problem. I'm a wildlife photographer and I use the AF-On and the * button for focusing. I read on some forums where individuals have never had an issue and seem to think that those that do have the issue have it due to user error. I disagree. No one should be experiencing this issue with an R5. I had the RF100-400 out yesterday with the 1.4x extender to photograph wild horses. The camera performed beautifully and I thought, maybe it is fixed. Well, I spoke too soon. This morning I went out with the same setup and a newly formatted (low format) of card and the camera froze 3 times in about 15 minutes. After that, it seemed to work properly. This is not a user error, but an issue with the R5. 


I am also experiencing same freezing problem even after 1.5.1 firmware update. R5 + RF 100-500MM lens back button Eye auto focus set up.


My Canon R5 and both R6 cameras locked up repeatedly after the update. The battery grip even reported that I was using non-camera batteries when I used the ones that came from canon. The locking up problem is now much worse than before. Please help!!!


Yes, 1.5.1 for me is not as good with animal eye focus and I am getting freeze ups which I have not had before


Incredible unbelievable in 2022 we still have this type of problem! spent fortune to get a camera and completely unreliable! The situation is worst for me as waterphotographer and dealing with this issue during a surfing session! Imagine my pain, swimming with the camera, trying to get in position for the shot and camera freezers! then to help me turning the camera on and off doesn't help and I will need to swim back to the shore to dry the waterhousing, open the waterhousing and remove the battery..... Incredible painful! Before ask, yes, everything original and the best what the money can buy, original battery, RF lens, Latest firmware, CF express card (Scandisk Extreme Pro 128gb), and still behaving this way! Take note the EOS R3 also still have the same issue inclusive after the update of the latest firmware! 

Do you use the AF-On button to focus or the shutter button?


I am also getting this issue

R5 RF 100-500 Back button animal eye af formatted cards

freezing occurs when using BBF

freezes every 30-40 minutes 

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