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Canon R3 sensor issues?

  • So last night during a show my viewfinder started flashing horizontal lines across the screen. Occasionally these lines would end up on the photos. Not all photos I would take were affected but I feel like somehow the sensor has been damaged. It isn't the SD card as it does this when no SD card is in the camera. Not the battery, either. I've also done a factory reset and still the same. Any thoughts on an estimate to have this fixed? The camera is a year and a half old and the shutter count has to be upwards of about 250,000. Thanks! Screenshot_20240413_123356_Gallery.jpg



A show? Any lasers there? And would you mind sharing a raw sample?

No lasers. I've shot at this venue about a dozen times with the R3. Just typical lighting but no lasers.The photo above is from a video I took showing the electronic viewfinder kind of whacking out with the lines. It started happening about 2/3 of the way into the event last night. I immediately thought it was the CFExpress card and swapped it out with no affect. Currently importing the photos to my macbook. Took a photo on my phone of an affected image. Can upload a couple of RAW images later, if needed. 


Yes please. Share one or two raw samples.


All three below if you bring up shadows you'll see the banding horizontally. This is what is showing in my manual and LCD viewfinder. This just started last night in the middle of the show. Definitely a sensor issue. Just have to find out how severe and if I can repair this via Canon.

Example one (unedited) 

Example two (unedited) 

Example three (unedited) 

Never seen that before. It is not laser damage because it moves around.

Skärmbild från 2024-04-13 20-13-24.png

Skärmbild från 2024-04-13 20-17-38.png

There is also a vertical line in the masked pixels with no signal at all. I don't think R3 should have that.

I had an issue about a year ago with these lines showing up on photos but I think it was a bad CFExpress card. Swapped the card out and hadn't had any issues until last night. These lines appear on the digital and manual viewfinder even if there's no card in the camera. I've placed a service request in with Canon and will try to mail it out ASAP. Afraid that it'll be the sensor that needs to be replaced.

Also, below is video I took of what I see on viewfinder. 

Viewfinder video 

Please update us how things go.

At another show tonight. Used the camera just to test other cards which I formatted. Suddenly the tweaking out like you see in the video stopped and the camera now works fine. No idea what is up 😂